Brand Story

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The seed to life's rejuvenation

ReJeune comes from a French word that means "revival", "regeneration", and "new life". ReJeune's miracle of beauty restoration is attributed to a medical wonder.

In the mid 90's, a Japanese medical professor stumbled upon a Chinese herbalist who spent half his life doing researches while living as a hermit in the mountains. They both became friends as they shared the same passion for medicine, and thus regularly exchange medical experiences. They agree that although humans cannot control birth and death, they can improve the circumstances of aging and sickness. In the life passage of birth, aging, sickness and death, birth and death cannot be altered, but aging and sickness can be. They believed that the cause of aging and sickness is due to internal organs and hormonal imbalance that affects cells from natural regeneration.

Having reached a consensus, the two joined hands in developing a unique formulation that can effectively balance and reactivate various human organ functions to regenerate cells for smooth, delicate and glowing skin. This formulation combines several rare plants that develop into a dynamic human hormone precursor. When in the body, this hormone precursor can transform into essential hormones required by the different glands. It can successfully stimulate a balanced functioning of internal organs that will reactivate cell regeneration.

ReJeune advocates all things natural; its unique herbal formula sends your skin, body and soul to journey into nature and back.

ReJeune Beauty of Regeneration


Beauty lies not only on the exterior as one must have a healthy body and soul at the same time; beauty has a long history revolving human existence. Since the Stone Age, the ancient civilisation had been using stones for the purpose of beauty massage and treatment of disease. The ancient Chinese medical text "The Inner Canon of Huangdi" states that the external image of the body, internal body organs, meridians and blood are closely related and they complete a cohesive function of the body through qi, blood and body fluid. Therefore, any influence or damage factor that can affect the body's normal physiological function not only causes diseases, it can also affect one's physical attractiveness.

ReJeune pioneered the first Magnetic Meridian Massager based on the Chinese medicinal philosophies. When used with the ReJeune Cream, it swiftly and effectively delivers the benefits into skin capillaries in the form of small molecules, before it continues into the blood circulation system.

Through the frequency spectrum developed via the Magnetic Meridian Massager coupled with acupuncture point massaging techniques, the cream is delivered into the subcutaneous layer from the epidermis. This enables meridian channels to suitably open and close, drive blood and body fluid motion while simultaneously spreading qi, blood and body fluid developed in internal organs to the entire body. In turn, the body receives the necessary nourishment, boost, warmth, gasification and so on to allow complete physiological function, and ReJeune continues to live up to its dignified reputation of realising true natural beauty.

ReJeune Healthy New Life


ReJeune is health-based. Chinese medicine deems man as an organic whole, where the body, face, skin, and facial features are a part of; the circumstances of these parts reflect the health condition of the body. Fair and supple skin, rosy face, athletic built, balanced body shape makes the standard of healthy beauty that also reflects the proper functioning of internal organs, meridian channels and blood flow. Therefore, only with physical health, good blood circulation and balance of organs' yin yang can keep facial features and nails with the necessary nourishment while it deters physical appearances from aging, skin from wilting and hair from whitening. On the other hand, if blood flow is disorientated and the overall bodily functions are not balanced, it could lead to various capacity loss or even deformity diseases.

ReJeune advocates health as the basis for beauty, without overall health, modification of any area lasts but only a fleeting moment. ReJeune developed its skin cream based on the human meridian channel system. With natural botanical essence, it naturally seeps into skin repairing the insides to tune the exterior, giving new life to your skin - health and vitality starts with ReJeune.