ReJeune 眼部經穴激活療程
22 Sep 2014
ReJeune 眼部經穴激活療程

ReJeune Eyes Meridian Activation Therapy

In addressing the long term accumulative effects and problems associated with ageing and contamination towards our eyes, ReJeune emphasizes on stimulation of various meridian points to enhance activation of eyes’ cell factors, thereby removing toxins and dead cells that can affect the eyes. This will simultaneously inject new nourishing energy into the cells, allowing our eyes to glow with brilliance and recover their captivating gaze.

Over time, eye bags and dark circles will disappear together with wrinkles and fine lines, allowing the skin around the eyes to become silky smooth and glow with radiance.


Result of therapy:

Remove accumulated toxins and waste, reduce oedema, smoothen eye bags, lighten dark circles, relax

eye-lids, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve vision, brighten moods, improve Presbyopia.

Areas of treatment: Around the eyes, head, neck and feet.

Products used: Rejeune Woman É Cream and Rejeune Cream

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: Introductory offer price of RM 88 only. (Normal price RM 190)

Package Price: RM 699 for 9 treatments