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L & K Beauty Sdn Bhd


East Malaysia Master Licensee – L & K BEAUTY SDN BHD

Want to have a healthy and youthfulness life? I would be more than happy to tell you how.

It is important to put in the time and effort if we want to have both health and youthfulness. We call that investment. The more the investment, the better the results. It is also important to pick the right products for our skin, as you would not want to use any sub quality product for the biggest organ of our body.

When we aged, our internal organs deteriorate. Fortunately there is the Cell Regenerating and Renewing Treatments from ReJeune that will help to turn back time, so we can enjoy our youth for longer. ReJeune Meridian Beauty Concept and the new concept of Aquamqi Nutritional Medicine, a New Supplement series, together they offer health beauty therapy, a complete care from inside out, devoted to restore the balance between body and mind, to achieve cell regeneration, to provide facial and slimming therapies, dietary therapy, nutritional therapy and more.

Birth and death are destined, but with ReJeune, we can control our health and aging issues. If we take care of our health today, we can stay away from expensive medical bills when we get older. Thanks to ReJeune, especially James and Sherrie, thanks to our beloved Founder Winnie, thanks to our Meridian Advisor Debbie, last but not least, my heartfelt appreciation to my fellow licensees and partners!

I am thankful to be part of ReJeune, the big family that offers me a better place to be. If you are looking for a complete health and beauty solution, this is where you should be. Because right here your business will be supported by a vast network of marketing, you will learn a lot from the unique training programmes, you will pick up the best health and beauty techniques. This is where you can push yourself to the next height; this is where you can taste success!