The development of the beauty industry is growing with remarkable dynamism in the recent years and it is followed by more intense competitions. Many beauty products and brands in the industry have met with the bottleneck effect. These brands have exhausted all price-cutting strategies in order to compete against one another, ultimately leading to the defeat of all parties.

The general traditional beauty salons utilises cheap beauty equipment for their customers’ treatment. Yet, how many of these tools have been granted reliable safety certifications? No one can impulsively take this risk. Furthermore, most beauty treatments require regular application for visible effect, therefore, the professional qualifications and performance results of such beauty salons will definitely be questioned.

To me, running a business that especially involves the health and physical appeal of the human body is an act of conscience, helping others to gain an objective while achieving own aims.

Before we introduced ReJeune’s meridian beauty treatments, we have conducted 2 years’ worth of market research in Malaysia, and I have personally tried ReJeune’s products and services, profoundly feeling its benefits and positive effects.

When the opportune moment matures, we decided to break the grounds, not only did we introduce the concept of meridian beauty to Malaysia, we even inverted the whole beauty business model by franchising, which provides more benefits to franchisees.

Through a business model that starts from the head office to the Master Franchiser and Franchisee and lastly to the customer level, we can ensure the utmost quality and standards in terms of the product or service price as well as techniques and skills from top to bottom, A to Z.

ReJeune’s outstanding success is recognisable as it has attain a firm footing in Malaysia in just one year’s time. It continues to enjoy steady growth, even extending to neighbouring countries such as Brunei and Singapore.  Customers are raving with good reviews thus building a stronger reputation. Of course, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all franchisees and agents for your cooperation, faith and hard work without which we cannot enjoy the success we have today.

We look forward to introducing the ReJeune meridian beauty concept to every nook and cranny of Malaysia with you, and we will continue to lead the beauty industry to greater horizons where we will create a 3-pronged winning condition for the benefit of the headquarters, franchise agents and customers!