Aenie Wong

It is not easy for artistes to keep a “healthy” lifestyle. We work around the clock and we do not get enough rest. I know the importance of eating and sleeping well, but being in the entertainment industry, it is not our prerogative to request for that.

Previously, I did not pay much attention on myself, until I was affected by fatigue and was really temperamental due to lack of sleep. My skin condition was terrible, face was dull and it does not have the shine and glow.

I came across with ReJeune 2 years ago; and was introduced by the boss, James about - ReJeune Meridian Beauty Concept in great details. Out of curiosity, so I tried out.

It was truly amazing! Immediately that night after my first treatment, I slept soundly and my sleeping quality improved tremendously. This really surprised me, hence I booked my second treatment right after.

I have more confident on the products thereafter, and I was told to do the facial treatment as well. During the facial, I was shown the before and after, to my surprise, I could see the significant different on my face. Since then, I become a regular user in ReJeune. My health has improved, with the skin is glow, and most importantly, my friends notice the big changes on me.

I could not have thanked ReJeune enough for giving me all these, and I am honoured to be their brand ambassador so I can share my wonderful experiences with the others. Now I truly understand that, apart from taking supplement, ReJeune Meridian Treatment is vital for everyone of us to stay healthy and beautiful from inside out.

With ReJeune, I know I can stay younger and healthier. Do visit ReJeune, and you can be one of us!

Aenie Wong