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eel oil


Product Features

What is EEL?

The Pacific “ EEL” from Korea is 100% natural eel oil, a natural health food, taken from the bone marrow of a fresh eel. Eel is a very nutrient fish species, having in itself abundant proteins-vitamin D, vitamin E, ample mucoprotein, as well as amino acid.
Interestingly speaking, people from many countries like to eat eel, but it has been a long period before it was discovered where eels came from since their eggs were never found when people ate them. This mystery has not been solved until in earlier 20th century when Danish scholars found young eels that had just come out of eggs in the waters near Atlantic ocean’s Bermuda, to let people know gradually that eel is actually an oceanic migratory fish.

Cultural & Historical Facts

Eel has always been traditionally viewed as a health enhancing food, not only by the Chinese, Japanese & Koreans but also by the Malays who recognizes eel oil (ikan belot or ikan Linang) as an aphrodisiac (tenaga batin). Ancient herbal and traditional medical records show that eel has been traditionally used to treat tuberculosis, bronchitis, anxiety and for life longevity. Medical science first paid attention to Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in 1953 when they observed that Eskimos in Greenland has the lowest rate of cardiovascular and heart disease despite their habit of eating high animal fats mainly from fish. Medical research had found that oily fish like eel and salmon contains high amounts of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which comprise mainly of Eicosapentanoic acid (EPA)and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).


Oil Soluble Vitamins Comparison Among

EEL and Other Fishes


Vitamin A (IU/100g) Vitamin E (IU/100g)
Eel Bone Marrow 29,225 27.70
Eel 6,729 0.86
Tilapia 1,309 0.32
Black Pomphret 1,780 0.22
Yellowtail Scad 4,306 67.00


Modern medical studies reveal that eel has high contents of vitamins and microelements. Contents of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin A are 25 times, 5 times, and 45 times of the counterparts in milk respectively. The content of zinc (brain gold) is 9 times of that in milk. Especially exciting are the multiple highly under-saturated fatty acids that are now the food of choice for the people who want to satisfy the appetite without worrying about getting fat. Eel fillets are delicious and titled as “aquatic panax” that have the immeasurable effects on prolonging life and tonifying for the weakness.
Eel resources are distributed only in a few regions in the world and freshwater eels that are bred from the fished natural eel fries are even rarer. Adding to this situation are the freshwater eel’s short growth period and vulnerability to pollution of heavy metals. Scientific discoveries reveal that the magic vitality of eels results from the strong vertebra. Modern researches tell us that there are more than one hundred nutrients contained in eel’s vertebra and their nutritional and medicinal values are focused on extensively by experts and scholars.


Fish & Sea Food Sources Of Omega Fatty Acids ( mg per 100 g)

Sources AKGs Omega 6 Alpha EPA DHA Total EFA
Eel 鳗鱼 20,550 438 420 742 1332 3711
Cod 鳕鱼 N/A N/A N/A 80 150 260
Carp 鲤鱼 N/A 816 603 159 288 1132
Halibut 大比木鱼 N/A 20 30 110 200 550
Herring 鲱鱼 N/A 290 110 330 580 1430
Mackerel N/A 140 100 650 1100 2440
Salmon 鲑鱼 N/A 80 40 820 940 2280
Tuna N/A 30 20 330 630 1170
Sardine 沙丁鱼 N/A 276 208 1381 1136 3120
Oyster N/A 30 40 420 290 900
Shrimp 虾 N/A 10 18 150 470 1200


Processes for production of eel oil

Eel oil is a kind of high-grade health-care food that is purely natural and green, extracted from marrows in fresh eel’s vertebra through modern advanced biochemical technologies. Processes for its production are very fine, including about six major steps and ten different procedures, such as bone selection, bone dissolution, purification, grease removal, dehydration, filtration, etc. More than 100 hours of processing are taken before complete extraction of file marrows oil. One ton of eel vertebra can only yield a little more than 50kg of fine marrows oil. Vertebra of one eel can only provide raw materials for 2 capsules and a bottle of 150 eel-oil capsules are made from vertebra of more than 70 eels. We can understand how precious eel oil is just through these numbers.
Marrow is the blood manufacturer of the human body, and blood is the carrier and supplier of the nutrients necessary to the healthy functioning of all organs in the body. In the human immune system marrow is the most crucial organ. It seems like a miracle that human marrow can produce 100 billion neutral leucocytes every day and input them into blood to resist pathogens and viruses invading from outside. So it is almost impossible to overstate how important marrow is to human health!
Why are there are so many people enjoying bone soup? That is because this soup contains considerable nutrients and drinking it can maintain health and prolong life. Why are the developed countries (such the U.S. and Japan) are so focused on development of bone-series foods? That is because they understand the importance of healthy bones. The most nutritive substance in bones is marrow. Analytical work reveals that there are 27 kinds of fatty acids in eel-marrow oil that are necessary for human bodies. Because these acids have abundant and balanced nutrients, eel-marrow oil is the most ideal health-care food modern people have ever pursued.

Main ingredients:

Eel oil mainly contains three ingredients, AKGs, DHA, and EPA, which have the following functions:


1. Alkoxy glycerine (AKGs) is the main element for human leukocyte with the content as high as 20-80%, and is called by the international medical world as the source of immunity. It is a substance that is naturally generated in human bodies and is concentrated in the main immune organs such as marrow, thymus, lymph node, liver, spleen, etc. Its main function is to stimulate the creation of immunocytes, increase the quantity of leucocytes and lymphocytes and haematoblasts, facilitate activation of immunocytes, and strengthen human body’s immunocompetence.
2. Doesahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a kind of highly under-saturated fatty acid, a key nutrient that cannot be made by human body itself yet is indispensable. It can activate the brain cells, boost up brainpower, and reinforce memory. As the fatty acid that is indispensable for human brain, it is called “brain gold” and has very high medicinal value.
3. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) Another kind of polyunsaturated fatty acid, also a key nutrient that cannot be produced by human body itself but is indispensable. It can accelerate the decomposition of cholesterol and triglyceride, reduce the level of blood fat, and soften the blood vessels. So it is called “scavenger of human blood vessels” and also has very high medicinal value.


EEL OIL’s effects on health care:

Eel-marrow oil contains lots of nutrients and its main effects on health care are listed in the following:

1. Stimulating the immunologic function, preventing and curing various diseases

Immunity is the key factor that can determine whether human body is healthy or not. 99% of diseases in human bodies are caused by disequilibrium of immunologic function. AKGs are the highly effective substance to stimulate immunologic function. It can stimulate the activity of human immune system maximally, annihilate the bacteria and viruses that invade into human bodies in time, eliminate the toxins and other negative substances that are generated in metabolism of human body, and play its efficacy of “preventive treatment of disease” and “treatment aiming at the root Cause of a disease” to cure various diseases (such as flu, cold, etc.) that can caused by low immunity.
Eel oil contains AKGs as high as 20-80% and this is the most valuable aspect of eel oil and is what other health-care foods lack. Clinical experiences prove that those who have taken eel oil for some time have very active immune cells in their bodies. The eel oil that has abundant AKGs is very effective for prevention and cure of various chronic and infectious diseases that are caused by low immunity. Eel oil is capable of preventing cold and flu, helping cure asthma, allergy, astriction, and dermatitis, and also capable of mitigating ache, accelerating concrescence of wounds, and lowering blood sugar.

2. Eliminating free radicals and anti-aging

Free radicals are harmful remnants generated from the process of oxidization in human bodies. Free radicals are very active chemically and can combine with the fat inside human body to form lipofuscin which becomes “senile plaque” when settling on the kind surface. If aggregated in cerebral nerves, lipofuscin can trigger senile dementia and in circulatory system it can influence the functions of blood vessels. Lipofuscin can damage human cells greatly. Increase of free radicals in human cells is an important indicator of aging.
AKGs, contained in eel oil, is a kind of strong antioxidant and has unique effect on elimination of free radicals from cells. It can penetrate cellular membrane into the cell and eliminate the oxidized harmful substances, namely free radicals. Most of traditional antioxidants eliminate free radicals outside the cells and there are few that can penetrate the membrane and play the effect inside. AKGs is just one of the few antioxidants that work inside cells.

3. Immunotherapy, cancer resistance and prevention

In 1820s, two Japanese scholars have firstly found in the liver of shark a separate component which has some unique effect. Then in 1958, the Japanese scientists took the lead in adopting the method of marrow transplantation to treat leucocythemia. In their studies, they discovered that there was an unclear component that had obvious effect on treatment of leucocythemia and other cancers. Later they has finally clarified in studies of shark-liver oil that this component is AKGs (Alkoxy glycerine).

Medical workers have brought forward the effect of AKGs on treatment and prevention of cancers for the first time in 1970s, drawing high attention in medical field. The following decades of studies have led to momentous scientific accomplishments concerning prevention and treatment of cancers through AKGs and many significant papers about this that have been published agree that AKGs can drop the cancer cell’s regeneration rate, slow down the growth of tumor, inhibit the weight of tumor, and control the transfer of tumor through stimulating the immune system.

Recently, medical practitioners in China have also made breakthroughs in cancer treatment through immune system. Considerable scientific experiments have proved that one of the key reasons for generation of cancers in human bodies is the problems in human immune system; however, tumor cells can be inhibited and annihilated under the attack of immune cells that are far more than tumor cells. Clinically, most tumor sufferers have their tumors dwindled obviously after taking immune preparations. The “neo-immunotherapy” that is now advocated by medical world nowadays recommends the taking of highly effective immune stimulator to activate the human body’s own anti-cancer cells for elimination of cancer cells. Eel oil is very effective for prevention and treatment of cancers since AKGs that is tremendously contained in it is one of the best highly effective immune stimulator.

4. Keeping the infants fit and healthy and strengthening the constitution

Breast milk contains considerable AKGs. For newly born infants, establishment and consummation of their immune systems and buildup of their anti-disease capacity are finished relying on the AKGs supplied from mom’s milk. In the past, people were aware that the kids could be healthy, solid, and lively if they were fed with breast milk, but the reasons were unclear until now. It has been finally made clear that breast milk contains AKGs which is magic reason underlying the health of kids. However, the content of AKGs in eel oil is far more than that in breast milk. So we recommend the pregnant women and women in lactation to take more eel oil and this can benefit both the mothers and their babies. We also recommend that kids that are ablactated earlier to take more eel oil.

5. Invigorating the brain, developing the intelligence, and strengthening the memory

DHA is the main component of cerebral neurons and cytolipin on retina, and is the indispensable substance that can keep high activation of brain and good conditions of vision. Meanwhile, AKGs can eliminate the free radicals from cerebrum effectively. Therefore, taking eel oil can help the development of children’s cerebrum, boost the IQ, defer the decline of brain of middle-and-old-age people, and prevent dementia.

6. Lowering the blood fat, and softening the blood vessels

Too much fat in human blood vessels can stiffen, narrow, and embrittle the vessels, resulting in scleratheroma of artery and more severely cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, and myocardial infarct. EPA and DHA that are contained in eel oil are effective in lowering the blood viscosity and cholesterol, softening and clearing blood vessels, and preventing and treating various cardio-/cerebrovascular diseases.

7. Improving the microcirculation of blood, caring the kind, and beautifying the face

Eel oil can clear the blood fat that can block blood capillary on the face to improve the microcirculation of blood on the face. Meanwhile, with the effect of human immunity, the face can be resistant to bacteria and viruses. The face skin can become smooth and soft due to sufficient nutrients and moisture. The oleic acids, Linoleic acid, and linolenate that are contained in eel oil and can realize beauty and remove speckles have made eel oil a natural top-grade skin-care product. It can penetrate and activate the skin and can kill bacteria.

8. Strengthening the body, tonifying the weak, and increasing the quintessence

Function experiments have proved that eel oil can strengthen human body’s capacity to resist oxygen deficit, and has certain effect on resistance to stress. Meanwhile, it can increase the quantity of sperms in epididymis and boost the sexual function.


Efficacy of the product:

1. Lowering the content and negative fatty substances in blood, and preventing the scleratheroma of artery
2. Improving the microcirculation, maintaining the normal blood pressure, and curing cardio/cerebrovascular diseases
3. Slowing and mitigating the aging
4. Resisting the oxidation, eliminating the toxins, and deferring the aging
5. Regulating the immunity
6. Having obvious effect on curing the aging of visual sense, myopia, cataract, dryness of eyes caused by overfatigue, and other eye diseases
7. Facilitating the formation of phosphatide and development of cerebrum, helping raise the memory and judgment, and slowing the atrophy of cerebral neurons, and preventing senile dementia
8. Assisting the conditioning of rheumatoid disease and rheumatic arthritis
9. Having obvious effect on mitigating the symptoms of fatty liver, constipation, alopecia, and vasculitis
10. Raising the body’s immunologic function, and facilitating the recovery of asthma patients


Advantages of EEL OIL:

1. Unique product: generally the deep-sea fish oil products that are available now in market only contains DHA and EPA; shark-liver oil only contains AKGs (30-40%). Only eel oil can contain not only DHA and EPA, but also considerable AKGs (20-80%). Therefore, eel oil is especially excellent in various fish-oil products. One more unique property is that the AKGs in eel oil is extracted from the marrow and it is more active for health care than ordinary fish oil products. Currently, such product is very rare in domestic and overseas markets.

2. Complete functions: Eel oil contains both AKGs (which can raise immunity, prevent various diseases, and slow down the aging process) and DHA and EPA (which can invigorate the brain, develop the intelligence, and lower the blood fat). With such multiple functions, it is applicable to vast scopes, and various groups, no matter male, female, old, or young, can benefit from taking it.

3. Remarkable efficacy: The content of AKGs in eel oil is as high as 90% and this substance has obvious effect on raising human immunity and preventing and treating various diseases. Its content of AKGs is two times higher than that contained in the shark-liver oil, with remarkable efficacy. In 1993, Subsidiary Hospital of Chengdu University of T.C.M., the Third People’s Hospital of Sichuan, and the Second People’s hospital of Chengdu have carried out prospective clinical test of eel oil and the results showed that among the 100 weak patients that suffered hyperlipemia and arteriosclerosis, one month of taking of eel oil was remarkably effective for 30 patients, and effective for 63 patients, and the total effective percentage was 93%. Ruijin Hospital of Shanghai Second Medical University has proved in its clinical test that after two months of taking of eel oil, the effectual rate could be raised as high as more than 90%. Clinical tests have demonstrated that eel oil performs better than its like products such as Duoxikang and dantian fat-reducing pill in the aspect of prevention and treatment of hyperlipemia, arteriosclerosis, coronary disease, etc.

4. Superior and pure quality: Eel oil is a kind of perfect purely natural tonic. Its physical structure is complete and balanced, capable of nourishing all organs and tissues in human bodies thoroughly. Meanwhile, it is an animal-type active material, easy to be absorbed by human body and to take effect quickly.

5. Safety of taking eel oil: eel oil is extracted from the marrows of fresh eels. It has no additives or poisonous or by-effect. So it can be taken for long time safely to nourish the users slowly and keep their fit permanently.


Target customers:

1. Those who are weak and have low immunity
2. Those who have overhigh blood fat
3. Those who usually eat high-fat and high-protein food
4. Those who have overhigh blood pressure
5. Those who have insufficient blood supply through heart muscle and suffer coronary disease
6. Those who over-use their brains and often feel fatigue
7. Those who are exposed to radiation from computers, cell phones, and TVs, and often feel fatigue in eyes
8. Those who have tense working rhythm and have no time to keep fit


Edible method:

Two times each day, two pills each time, and accompanied by warm water.

Regulate dosage according to your needs.

For children below 10 years old, take one (1) capsule a day.

什么是 EEL OIL?

来自韩国的太平洋“EEL OIL” 是百分之一百的天然鳗鱼油,即是一种取自新鲜鳗鱼之骨髓的天然保健食品。鳗鱼是非常富有营养成分的鱼类, 它拥有丰富的蛋白质-例如维生素D,维生素E,充足粘朊以及氨基酸。

很有趣的是很多来自不同国家的人都喜爱吃鳗鱼,不过大家通过很长的时间才发现鳗鱼是从那儿来的,因为当人们吃它们时,其蛋从来没有被发现。如此奥秘 从无人能解至到20世纪初当丹麦学者发现在大西洋的百慕大群岛水域刚从蛋里出来的小鳗鱼,因此促步让人们知道鳗鱼其实是一种海洋迁移鱼类。



鳗鱼按传统总是被视为一种保健补品,不只是华人,日本人及韩国人,甚至是巫裔同胞也认同鳗鱼油 (BELUT) 为一种催欲剂 (性欲能力)。古代草药与传统医学计录显示鳗鱼传统上已经被用于治疗肺结核,支气管炎,焦虑及延寿。医学科学在1953年当他们观察格陵兰岛上的爱斯基摩 人尽管饮食习惯偏于吃高动物脂肪尤其是出自鱼类他们却拥有最低的心脏血管与心病症发作比率第一次对OMEGA 3 多不饱和脂肪酸有特别专注。医学研究已发现多脂肪的鱼类例如鳗鱼与鲑鱼含有高数量的OMEGA 3 多不饱和脂肪酸,它由二十碳五烯酸(EPA) 二十二碳六烯酸(DHA)所组成的

鳗鱼与其他鱼类的油溶性维生素比较 维生素A (IU/100克) 维生素E (IU/100克)
鳗鱼骨髓 29,225 27.70
鳗鱼 6,729 0.86
吴郭鱼 1,309 0.32
乌鲳 1,780 0.22
色拉鱼 4,306 67.00

现代医学研究发现鳗鱼拥有高成份的维生素及微量元素。和同样性质的牛奶维生素成份相 比,它的维生素B1,B2及A 的成分是25倍,5倍及45倍之多。还有其锌(脑的黄金) 的成分是比牛奶的成分的9倍。如今让人兴奋的是多重高度未饱和脂肪酸正是那些寻求满足食欲,而无暴肥之忧的人们的首选食物。鳗鱼片很美味亦拥有“水人参” 的衔头,它对延寿与补养弱体有无限的效应。
鳗鱼的资源只散布于世界的几个地区而已,那些从钓到的天然鳗鱼仔,而饲养出淡水鳗鱼更是稀有的。除此,淡水鳗鱼的短暂生长期与易受重金属污染毁灭也促使其 罕见存在。科学发掘说明鳗鱼的神奇生命力出自其坚强的脊椎骨。现代的研究告示鳗鱼的脊椎骨含有超过100种营养成分,很多专才与学者对它们的营养与医疗价 值有广泛的注目.


鱼类与海产来源的OMEGA 脂肪酸 (每100克之毫克)

来源 AKGs Omega 6 阿尔法亚麻酸 EPA DHA EFA总数
Eel 鳗鱼 20,550 438 420 742 1332 3711
Cod 鳕鱼 N/A N/A N/A 80 150 260
Carp 鲤鱼 N/A 816 603 159 288 1132
Halibut 大比木鱼 N/A 20 30 110 200 550
Herring 鲱鱼 N/A 290 110 330 580 1430
Mackerel N/A 140 100 650 1100 2440
Salmon 鲑鱼 N/A 80 40 820 940 2280
Tuna N/A 30 20 330 630 1170
Sardine 沙丁鱼 N/A 276 208 1381 1136 3120
Oyster N/A 30 40 420 290 900
Shrimp 虾 N/A 10 18 150 470 1200



鳗鱼油是通过现代先进的生物化学高技术从新鲜鳗鱼的脊椎提炼出来,形成一种高品质的纯天然与环保的保健食品。它的生产过程是多么精緻备有6大部骤及 10个程序, 例如骨类选择,骨类分解, 净化,油脂去除,脱水,过滤等等。 完整提炼骨髓油前有超过100小时的加工处理。1公吨鳗鱼脊椎只可以提炼最多超过50公斤骨髓油。 一只鳗鱼的脊椎骨只可以提供2颗胶囊的原料以及一瓶150颗鳗鱼油胶囊是从超过70只鳗鱼脊椎骨所制成的。我们可以通过这些数字而了解鳗鱼油的价值是多么 珍贵的。
骨髓是人体的血液制造者,而血液是负责传递与供应必须营养给所有人体器官以保持它们的正常运作效能。在人体免疫系统里骨髓是最关键性的器官。人体骨髓可以 每天生产1000亿中性的白血球以注入血液,抵抗从外入侵的病原体及病毒。因此骨髓对人体健康无比重要是决对不会言过其实!
为什么会有这么多人享受骨汤? 这是因为此汤包含很多营养并且饮用它可以维持健康和延寿。为什么发展国家(如美国和日本)对发展骨质食品是那么的专注?这是因为他们了解健康骨骼的重要 性。在骨骼里,最富有营养成分的便是骨髓了。分析工作显示鳗鱼骨髓油里含有27种人体必需脂肪酸。由于这些脂肪酸拥有丰富和均衡的养分,鳗鱼骨髓油是现代 人从未获取的最理想的保健品。



主要含有三种成, AKGS, DHA 及 EPA,它们拥有以下功能:

1. 烷氧基甘油 (AKGS) 是人体白血球的主要元素并具有高达百分之二十至八十的成,而且被国际医疗界称为免疫的资源。它是一种在人体自然产生的物质并于骨髓,胸腺,淋巴腺,肝, 脾等处聚集。它的主要功能是刺激生产免疫细胞,增加白血球,淋巴球及血小板的数量,促进免疫细胞的激活,以及加强人体的免疫活性。

2. 二十二碳六烯酸 (DHA) 是一种多重高度未饱和脂肪酸,即是一种关键性的营养并不能够由人体制造但却是不可缺少的。它可以激活脑细胞,增强脑力,以及加强记忆。身为脑部不可缺少的脂肪酸,它被称为“脑的黄金”及拥有非常高的医疗价值。

3. 二十碳五烯酸 (EPA) 是另一种多重高度未饱和脂肪酸,也是即是一种关键性的营养并不能够由人体制造但却是不可缺少的。它可以加速分解胆固醇与甘油三酸脂,降低血脂水平, 及使血管变柔软。因此它被称为“人体血管的清除剂”以及也具有非常高的医疗价值。




1. 刺激免疫功能,预防及治疗多种病症。

免疫力是一个断定人体健康与否的主要因素。百分之九十九的人体病症是因免疫功能的不均衡。AKGS 是高效元素以刺激免疫功能。它可以极大刺激人体免疫系统的活动,及时消除由外入侵人体的细菌与病毒,排除由人体新陈代谢所生产的毒素与其他负面元素,以及 提供其“预防性病症治疗”及“对症下药,治根治本”的疗效以医治多种由低免疫力导致的病症(例如流行性感冒,感冒等等)。
鳗鱼油含有高达百分之二十至八十的AKGS,为此应是鳗鱼油最有价值的方面以及任何保健品所缺乏的。临床经验证明长期服食鳗鱼油的人体内拥有非常活跃的免 疫细胞。 鳗鱼油拥有丰富的AKGS是对预防与治疗各种由低免疫力引起的慢性及传染性病症非常有效。鳗鱼油有能力预防感冒与流行性感冒,帮助治疗哮喘,敏感症,便 秘, 及皮肤炎, 以及也可以减轻痛楚,加速伤口愈合,甚至降低血糖。

2. 消灭自由基与防衰老

自由基是从人体氧化过程生产的有害遗物。自由基具备非常活跃的化学性质及可以与人体的脂肪结合以制成脂褐质,因此可成为“寿斑”倘若它停留在适合的表面。 如果聚集在大脑神经,脂褐质可以引发老年痴呆症以及在循环系统里它可以影响血管的功能。脂褐质可以大大地破坏人体细胞。自由基在人体细胞里的增加是一种老 化的重要指示。包含在鳗鱼油里的AKGS,是一种强劲的抗氧化剂及拥有独一无二的消除细胞自由基的效能。它可以透过细胞膜进入细胞里而消除有害的被氧化的 物质,称为自由基。大多数传统抗氧化剂消除在细胞外面的自由基并且很少可以透过细胞膜进入细胞里因而在细胞内提供其功效。AKGS 是其中之少数抗氧化剂可在细胞内启动其运作。

3. 免疫疗法,癌症抵抗功能及预防

在1820年代,两位日本学者最先发现鲨鱼的肝部含有一种具备许多罕有功效的独立成份。过后在1958年,日本科学家领先取用骨髓移植术以作治疗白 血病。在他们的研究之中,他们发现有一种不明成分具有对治疗白血病和其他癌症明显的功效。最后他们在鲨鱼肝油研究里终于澄清此成分便是AKGs (烷氧基甘油)。
医疗工作者在1970年代已经第一次推荐AKGs 对治疗与预防癌症,因此启发医学界的高度专注。接踵而来的跨世纪研究后又领导一股轰轰烈烈的科学成就关乎通过AKGs以治疗与预防癌症以及很多已获出版的 重要论文关于如此事件都同意AKGs通过激发免疫系统因而可以减低癌细胞的再生率,放慢肿瘤的增长,抑制肿瘤的增重,及克制肿瘤的迁移。
最近, 在中国的开业医生也已经在通过免疫系统来推行癌症治疗方面获取突破。很多科学试验已经证明人体癌症生长的其中之主要因素便是人体免疫系统方面的问题;但 是, 肿瘤细胞可以由比其更多数目之免疫细胞的攻击而获抑制及减少。根据临床试验结果显示大多数的肿瘤患者在服食免疫药方后会面对肿瘤缩小。这个现今受医学界拥 护的“新免疫疗法”,提倡服用高效免疫刺激品以可激活人体的自身抗癌细胞来消除癌细胞。鳗鱼油对预防与治疗非常有效因为它所含惊人数量的AKGs是其中之 最佳的高效免疫刺激品。

4. 维护婴儿的身体保养及加强体格

母乳含有很多AKGs。 至于新生婴儿而言,他们的免疫系统建立与完成以及他们抗病能力的增强,凭着从母亲乳液提供的AKGs份量而来确定完毕与否。在以前人们认为孩儿若给食母乳 将变体格强壮,健康活泼, 不过其中的原因不是清楚至今才最终确定母乳内含有对贡献给孩儿健康奥秘的AKGs。然而,鳗鱼油里的AKGs成分比母乳所含的数量极其多。 因此我们建议孕妇与哺乳妇女服用鳗鱼油而且这样可以使母亲与他们的婴儿。我们也建议较早断奶的儿童们服用更多鳗鱼油。

5. 让大脑增强活力,发展智力,以及加强记忆

DHA是大脑神经元及视网膜细胞糖脂的主要成, 并且它是可以维护脑部高激活作用与好视力的必需物质。同时,AKGs 可以有效地从脑部排除自由基。因此,服用鳗鱼油可以帮助儿童大脑的发育,增强智力,延迟中年人脑部退化,以及预防痴呆。

6. 降低血脂,以及促使血管变软化

人体血管内有太多脂肪会使管道变挺,变窄,及脆化,因此导致动脉粥样硬化及更严重的是脑血栓,脑溢血,以及心肌梗塞。鳗鱼油里的EPA与DHA有效降低血 液黏度与胆固醇,软化与清除血管,以及预防与治疗各种心血管/脑血管病症。

7. 改善血液微循环,保持身材及美化脸孔

鳗鱼油可以清除堵塞脸上微血管的血脂,以便脸部的血液微循环可以改善。同时,通过人体免疫力效能,脸部可以抵抗细菌与病毒。脸部皮肤会变得光滑与柔 软因为有足够的营养与水分。鳗鱼油里的油酸,亚油酸,及亚麻酸盐可以实现美容与清除斑点因此导致鳗鱼油变成上等的护肤品。它可以透过与激发皮肤以及会杀掉细菌。

8. 加强体格,补养弱质,以及增加精髓




1. 降低血液里的负面脂肪物质与其成,以及预防动脉粥样硬化。
2. 改善血液微循环,维持正常血压,及治疗心血管/脑血管病症。
3. 放慢与缓和老化。
4. 抗拒氧化,消除毒素,及推迟老化。
5. 调节免疫力。
6. 具有明显对治疗老化视力病症,近视,白内障,由于疲劳过度而导致双眼干燥以及其他眼症。
7. 帮助磷脂的形成及大脑发育,帮助加强记忆力与判断力,还有放慢大脑神经元衰退,以及预防老年痴呆症。
8. 帮助风湿病样的病症与类风湿性关节炎的症状。
9. 具有对缓和脂肪肝,便秘,脱发及脉管炎的症状。
10. 加强人体的免疫功能,及帮助哮喘病人的康复。



1. 独一无二的产品: 现今市场上的深海鱼油产品只含有DHA 与EPA;鲨鱼肝油只含有AKGs (百分之三十至四十) 。唯独鳗鱼油含有不只DHA与EPA,但也含有很多AKGs (百分之二十至八十)。因此,鳗鱼油在所有各种深海鱼油产品的确是特别极好的。还有另外一个独特的特性是它所含的AKGs是从骨髓取出及对保健身体它比其 他普通鱼油产品较有活性。如今,如此产品在本地与国外市场很是罕见。
2. 完整功能: 鳗鱼油含有AKGs (加强免疫力,预防各种病症,强效的抗氧化与消除细胞自由基以缓和老化过程) 与DHA及EPA(可以让大脑增强活力,发展智力,及降低血脂)。 通过其各种功能,它的运用适合广大作为,及各种社群,不管是男女老少都可以受其益。
3. 杰出的功效: 鳗鱼油里的AKGs含量是高达百分之九十而且这个成分对增加人体免疫力与预防及医治各种病症。它的AKGS含量比鲨鱼肝油里的含量多出一倍。在1993 年,成都中医大学的属下医院,四川第三人民医院与成都第二人民医院已经进行 鳗鱼油前瞻性临床研究而且其结果显示在100位体弱患有高脂血与动脉硬化病人之中,那些服食一个月之久的鳗鱼油对30位非常有效,及另外63位有效,而且 总功效百分数为百分之九十三。上海第二医科大学的瑞金(RUIJIN)医院已经通过其临床试验确证两个月服食鳗鱼油后,功效的评估可以增加高达百分之九 十。临床试验显示鳗鱼油比它的同类产品例如DUOXIKANG及丹田消脂丸在预防与治疗高脂血,动脉硬化,冠心病等。
4. 优良与纯正的品质: 鳗鱼油是一种完整纯正的天然补品。它的物质结构完整亦均衡,有能力滋养所有人体的器官及组织。同时,它是一种动物活性的物质,容易被人体摄取以及极快展示其效力。
5. 服食鳗鱼油的安全性: 鳗鱼油是从新鲜鳗鱼的骨髓被取出。它没有添加剂或毒性或副作用。因此它可以安全长期服食以逐渐地滋养服用者与保持他们的体格永远健壮。



1. 那些体弱及拥有低免疫力的人士 。
2. 那些拥有太高血脂的人士。
3. 那些通常吃高脂肪与蛋白质食物的人士。
4. 那些拥有血压太高的人士。
5. 那些拥有心肌血液供应不足及患上心血管病症的人士。
6. 那些用脑力太多并时常感到疲惫的人士。
7. 那些承受从电脑,手机,与电视机所发出的辐射以及时常感到双眼疲累的人士。
8. 那些拥有工作节奏紧张及没有时间保持身体健康的人士。







“Belut” Pasifik daripada Korea adalah 100% minyak belut semulajadi, makanan kesihatan semulajadi, diambil daripada tulang sumsum belut segar. Belut adalah spesis ikan yang sangat berkhasiat, yang mengandungi banyak protein-vitamin D, vitamin E, mucoprotein yang mencukupi, serta asid amino.



Belut telah lama secara tradisinya dilihat sebagai makanan yang dapat menggiatkan kesihatan, bukan hanya oleh bangsa Cina, Jepun dan Korea tetapi juga oleh bangsa Melayu yang mengiktiraf minyak belut sebagai penguat tenaga batin. Herba purba dan rekod rawatan tradisional telah menunjukkan bahawa belut telah secara tradisinya digunakan untuk merawat tuberculosis, bronchitis, keresahan, dan untuk panjang hayat.


Perbandingan Vitamin

Larut Minyak Antara

Belut dan Ikan Lain

Vitamin A(IU/100g)

Vitamin E (IU/100g)

Tulang SumSum Belut









Bawal Hitam



Ikan Selar






Kajian rawatan moden telah mendedahkan bahawa belut mempunyai kandungan vitamin dan unsur mikro yang tinggi. Kandungan vitamin B1, vitamin B2, dan vitamin A adalah 25 kali, 5 kali, dan 45 kali ganda daripada kandungan yang terdapat dalam susu. Kandungan zinc (emas otak) adalah 9 kali ganda daripada susu. Lebih menarik lagi adalah kandungan asid lemak tidak tepunya yang tinggi dan pelbagai yang merupakan makanan pilihan mereka yang ingin memenuhi selara mereka tanpa perlu risau berat badan mereka bertambah. Filet belut adalah sedap dan diberi gelaran “aquatic panax” yang mempunyai kesan tidak terhingga dalam memanjangkan hayat dan mengukuhkan sebarang kelemahan (tonifying the weakness).

Sumber belut hanya diedarkan di beberapa bahagian di dunia dan belut air tawar yang dibiak daripada eel fries yang dipancing secara semulajadi adalah lebih langka (that are bred from the fished natural eel fries are even rare). Tambahan lagi tempoh pembesaran belut air tawar yang singkat dan mudah terdedah kepada pencemaran logam berat. Penemuan saintifik telah mendedahkan keajaiban daya hidup belut datang daripada vertebra yang kuat. Kajian moden mendedahkan bahawa terdapat lebih daripada seratus nutrien terkandung didalam vertebra belut dan khasiat dan khasiat perubatannya telah mendapat tumpuan yang meluas daripada pakar dan sarjana.


1. Produk Unik

Kebiasaannya produk minyak ikan laut dalam yang terdapat di pasaran sekarang hanya mengandungi DHA dan EPA, minyak hati-jerung hanya mengandungi AKG(30-40%). Hanya minyak belut sahaja yang mengandungi bukan hanya DHA dan EPA, tetapi juga kandungan AKG yang banyak (20%-80%). Satu lagi ciri unik adalah AKG dalam minyak belut diekstrak daripada sumsum dan lebih mencergaskankan untuk penjagaan kesihatan daripada produk minyak ikan yang biasa.


2. Fungsi Menyeluruh

Minyak Belut mengandungi AKG (yang mana boleh meningkatkan imunisasi, menghalang pelbagai penyakit, dan memperlahankan proses penuaan) dan DHA dan EPA (yang mana boleh mencergaskan otak, mengembangkan kebijaksaan, dan merendahkan lemak)


3. Kualiti yang Cemerlang dan Tulen

Minyak belut adalah tonik semulajadi yang sempurna dan tulen. Struktur physical yang seimbang dan lengkap, berupaya nourishing semua organ dan tisu dalam tubuh manusia secara mendalam. Disamping itu, ianya adalah active material jenis haiwan, mudah diserap tubuh manusia dan memberi kesan quickly.


4. Jaminan Pengambilan Minyak Belut

Minyak belut diekstrak daripada sumsum belut segar. Ia tidak mempunyai bahan tambahan dan toksin, serta kesan sampingan. Jadi ia boleh diambil dengan selamat untuk tempoh masa yang lama untuk memberi khasiat kepada pengguna beransur-ansur dan mengekalkan mereka sihat selama-lamanya.



Minyak belut adalah makanan penjagaan kesihatan yang bermutu tinggi yang mesra alam dan semulajadi, diekstrak daripada sumsum vertebra belut segar melalui teknologi biokimia yang moden dan terkini. Proses penghasilannya sangat teliti, dengan enam langkah utama dan sepuluh kaedah berbeza, seperti pemilihan tulang, pelarutan tulang, penulenan, penyingkiran minyak, penyahhidratan, penapisan, etc. Lebih 100 jam waktu pemprosesan diperlukan untuk pengeluaran minyak sumsum yang lengkap. Satu tan vertebra belut hanya menghasilkan tidak lebih daripada 50kg minyak sumsum. Vertebra seekor belut hanya menghasilkan bahan untuk 2 kapsul dan 1 botol atau 150 kapsul minyak belut dihasilkan daripada lebih 70 vertebra belut. Dengan jumlah ini bolehlah dirumuskan betapa berharganya minyak belut ini.



Alkoxy Glycerine (AKG)

Minyak belut mengandungi 20%-80% AKG, elemen utama untuk loekocyte manusia dan dilihat oleh dunia perubatan sedunia sebagai sumber imuniti. Ianya bahan yang dihasilkan secara semulajadi dalam tubuh dan tertumpu di kawasan seperti sumsum, timus, nod limfa, hati, spleen, etc. Fungsi utamanya utntuk merangsang penghasilan immunocyte, meningkatkan bilangan leucocyte, lymphocyte dan haematoblast, membantu mengaktifkan immunocytes, dan menguatkan kemampuan imun tubuh badan.

Asid Doesahexaenoic (DHA)

DHA adalah asid lemak tidak tepu, nutrien penting yang tidak dapat dihasilkan oleh tubuh manusia sendiri tetapi amat diperlukan. Ia mengaktifkan sel otak, meningkatkan kebolehan otak, dan meningkatkan memori. Oleh kerana asid lemak yang amat diperlukan otak manusia, ianya digelar “emas otak” dan mempunyai khasiat perubatan yang tinggi.

Asid Eicosapentaenoic (EPA)

Asid lemak tidak tepu yang berlainan, juga nutrien penting yang tidak dapat dihasilkan oleh tubuh manusia sendiri tetapi amat diperlukan. Ia mempercepatkan penguraian kolesterol dan triglyceride. Mengurangkan tahap lemak darah dan melembutkan salur darah. Jadi ia digelar “penghapus sisa salur darah manusia” dan juga mempunyai khasiat perubatan yang tinggi.



  1. Merangsang penghasilan immunocyte dan memperkuat immuniti tubuh daripada serangan virus dan bakteria.
  2. Menyingkirkan radikal bebas dan toksik dalam sel dengan berkesan, seterusnya memperkuat kesan anti-oksida dan anti-penuaan.
  3. Ianya merupakan salah satu perangsang imun yang terbaik yang boleh menghalang dan menyekat pertumbuhan sel kanser.
  4. Menguatkan fizikal dan pembesaran kanak-kanak dengan berkesan.
  5. Mengaktifkan neuron otak dan menghapuskan radikal bebas, oleh mencergaskan otak, mengembangkan kebijaksaan, memperkuat memori, dan menghalang kemerosotan saraf.
  6. Merendahkan kelikatan darah dan mengurangkan tahap kolesterol, melembut dan membersih salur darah dengan berkesan untuk menghalang and menyembuh penyakit kardio-/cerebrovascular.
  7. Membuang lipid darah yang tersumbat di urat muka untuk menigkatkan peredaran darah ke muka, seterusnya menghilangkan jeragat dan menyerlahkan kecantikan wajah.
  8. Mempunyai kesan yang ketara dalam menyembuhkan kemerosotan penglihatan, myopia, katarak, penyakit mata yang lain.
  9. Mengurangkan risiko menghidap penyakit arthritis dan rheumatoid.
  10. Mengurangkan simptom lemak hati, sembelit, alopecia dan vasculitis.



  1. Mereka yang lemah dan mempunyai imuniti yang lemah.
  2. Mereka yang mempunyai lipid darah yang tinggi.
  3. Mereka yang selalu mengambil makanan tinggi protein dan tinggi lemak.
  4. Mereka yang mempunyai tekanan darah tinggi.
  5. Mereka yang bekalan darahnya melalui otot jantung yang tidak mencukupi dan menghidap penyakit coronary.
  6. Mereka yang memberi tekanan berlebihan kepada otak dan sentiasa lesu.
  7. Mereka yang kerap terdedah kepada radiasi daripada computer, telefon bimbit, dan TV, dan sentiasa berasa keletihan di bahagian mata.
  8. Mereka yang sibuk dengan kerja dan tiada masa untuk bersenam.



2 kapsul, 2 kali sehari.

Telan dengan air suam.

Kawal dos mengikut keperluan

Untuk kanak-kanak bawah 10 tahun, ambil 1 kapsul sehari.

*Elakkan cahaya secara langsung. Simpan di tempat sejuk dan kering pada suhu bilik. Di suhu keterlaluan, kapsul akan kelihatan putih atau coklat gelap. Walaubagaimanapun, ini tidak menjejaskan keberkesanan minyak belut.